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Brian’s Nature Ramble Bushey Part 1

A couple of days ago I received notification that a new series of geocaches had just been published in North Bushey. This is one of the advantages of being a Premium member on as you have the facility to … Continue reading

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Loading Geocaches onto a Nissan Connect Navigation system

You know when you have an idea and think that there has to be a way to do something. You think that if you were logical enough to think what a good idea something would be that someone must have … Continue reading

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Can a Blind Person Geocache part 2

Following on from my previous blog entry dated June 20th,, , I feel and updated is warranted. Today I found my first ever cache completely on my own. From locating it on to leaving the house and walking … Continue reading


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Caching and Dashing around Bushy

Today we when geocaching in the car. Caches get placed in all sorts of places not just on country walks and in parks, some are right under your nose as you are walking down the street. Some are placed in … Continue reading

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A Must-have iPhone app for Blind Geocachers

The iPhone Geocaching app is a great tool for the geocacher and Groundspeak have obviously put a lot of effort into ensuring that it integrates with the accessibility features of the phone. So often app developers ignore Apple’s guidelines on … Continue reading

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Geocaching in Mill Hill

The plan today was to head over to Mill Hill to tackle a small series of caches in a circular walk around the Mote Mount open space. Legend has it that a long time ago a landlady of a pub … Continue reading

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