Caching and Dashing around Bushy

Today we when geocaching in the car. Caches get placed in all sorts of places not just on country walks and in parks, some are right under your nose as you are walking down the street. Some are placed in locations that are accessible for parking so you can stop and quickly nab it and move on; a “Cache and Dash”. I planned out a bunch of local caches that looked to fit the bill and I loaded them all as Points of Interest into the Sat Nav of the car… I will post a blog entry about how to do this for those that may be interested. We set out to do 9 today, most of them belonged to a series called Football Focus where the owner has tried to find a link between the hide location and the name of a UK football team. He has placed about 90 so far in this series all around Watford and the surrounding areas so they are perfect for us, despite none of us, except Sam caring a jot about football. In all we managed to collect and log 7 out of our desired 9 today which equals our personal best for most in one day… again. I did also get to use my new app, Ariadne, whilst we were out and about to help guide me to the GZs and it seems to work pretty well. It seems no more or less reliable than the geocaching app in terms of GPS accuracy however it is vastly more accessible for me.

Notable moments along the way included pulling in to a car park to turn around at one point and realising that it was the Bushey Men’s Health clinic which brought back a few memories or at least a few “snippets”. At another cache that was located down a track next to a park we went right to GZ and I fumbled in the undergrowth for the cache whilst two policemen sat eating their lunch in their car no more than 10 feet away. We were both utterly shocked that they seemed completely uninterested in what we were doing; pulling a camouflaged Tupperware container out of the bushes!

Two DNFs (Did Not Find) today, one of which we are convinced has gone missing and the other one we just couldn’t quite work out where to even start looking.

All in all it was an excellent few hours caching and we both loved the convenience of being able to pop back to the car and stick the air conditioning on in between caches. It just goes to show that there many ways to cache and so far I like them all.

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