Loading Geocaches onto a Nissan Connect Navigation system

You know when you have an idea and think that there has to be a way to do something. You think that if you were logical enough to think what a good idea something would be that someone must have already done it. Well that is exactly what I thought about trying to find a way to load coordinates of geocaches onto the Nissan Connect GPS system in our 2011 Nissan Note. So why do I want to do this. Well a good few caches around us are urban, in that they are placed on the or very near to road side. Using the car to zip round a few of these would be a relaxing and comfortable way to cache. This is known as doing a cache and Dash. So I thought lets load the cords of the caches onto the car GPS and then it will navigate us from each one to the next. I didn’t fancy hand typing in coordinates for each of the caches we were going to do and besides the challenge of finding a way to transfer them onto the GPS in bulk got me interested. I hit the web and did some searching and in the end gave up and dug out the manual which I should have done in the first place. Lol.

The Nissan Connect Navigation system allows you to add your own custom Points of Interest and this sounded exactly what I wanted. The long and short of it is that you need to create a CSV file of your caches and store it on a USB pen drive in a certain folder and then insert this into the USB socket in the car and transfer the file to the internal memory of the GPS. Below are some instructions on how to do this.
1. on your pc create a text file in notepad or a similar editor using the following format
Longitude, latitude, name
The longitude and latitude need to be in decimal format and it is important to get them in the right order. Trust me on this one. The first time I tried it I got them switched round and nearly sent us half way across London by mistake.
Here is an example file

-0.02153,51.15469,the first cache
-0.12348,51.54785,the second cache

Once you have finished entering all your caches that you want to find then you need to bung a USB pen drive into the pc and at the root create a folder called MyPOIs. Save your file called something .csv in that folder on the pen drive and you are half way there.

2. Now go to the car and insert the pen drive into the USB socket on the dash. Fire up the nav system and go to NAV – DESTINATION – Points of interest – MyPOIS. When you get this far the system should detect that the USB pen drive has new POIs on it and ask you if you want to download it. Go ahead and download them. Your file will now be transferred to the internal memory of the GPS unit. Once it is done you should be presented with a list of your caches and can navigate to them like any other destination. You can remove the USB and you do not need to insert it again as the POIs have now been permanently copied to the Sat nav.

We have done a cache and dash run like this comprising 9 caches and it works brilliantly. When you bring up the list of POIs and display the MyPOIs it orders them with the closest one at the top which makes life pretty simple when navigating from one to the next. One word of advice, make sure you type the coordinates correctly. If you get them wrong, the GPS won’t know or care and it will just direct you to wherever the cords point, which could be interesting to say the least. lol

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2 Responses to Loading Geocaches onto a Nissan Connect Navigation system

  1. Leo says:

    .A great blog and plenty of good ideas.As you probably saw on my blog, I have found 3 near where I live but have been unable to log them in.I am a member but a free one, is that why I only have an I/D number ? The ones I am tracking have a GC*****G number. I just sign them with my username and ID.Can you give me some info on this problem please ?


    • washknight says:

      When it comes to writing in the physical log inside the cache then you can just sign with you username… mine is washknight. As long as you have created a free account on geocaching.com you should be able to log the ones you find on the website. If you are using a smartphone you can do this using the app as long as you have a data connection. If you prefer you can do your logging in comfort when back at home. Simply log in to the geocaching.com website with your username and password and then locate the cache using the GC code. Then look for the link “Log Your Visit” and go from there. I hope this helps.


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