RFC 1321

RFC or Request For Comments number 1321 is a document that describes the application of a digesting algorithm called MD5 which will generate a 32 character hexadecimal “hash” when performed on any binary file or other data. So this means that if you have an image file of any size shape or content and run it through an MD5 algorithm it will produce a unique 32 character string of numbers and letters. If you wish to try this you can use an online utility such as the one at
http://hash.online-convert.com/md5-generator simply follow the instruction on screen to upload your image file and it will generate you the hash. What you do with this hash is up to you, but you might want to compare it character by character with another hash that you may have in front of you to see what the differences are… and then….well if you know what I am talking about and want to know what to do next then you can always ask. GC20h0j

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