31 Days of Caching – Week 1

This time last week I was thinking about the challenge from geocaching.com, to find a cache every day in August, and I didn’t think I would be able to manage it but reckoned it was worth a shot. One week in and so fa things are going ok. Being still quite new to the pastime there are still quite a lot of local caches which is a definite advantage when try to accomplish a task such as this. I can imagine that for people that have been caching longer and who have found all their local ones that it is a dam sight harder to plan to be able to find a cache every day. Over the past week we have only actually been out on a caching trip once and that was on Saturday when we went for a nice walk around Bushey to complete the Brian’s Nature Ramble series that we started a while back. Other than that I have been able to plan a cache into whatever we were doing on a given day or just as a way of getting us out of the house for an hour.

Day 1 was quite a momentus start to the month really as this was a solo expidition for me to a cache in Reeds crescent. I wrote all about that one in a previous blog entry calledWashknight Walks 1.

Day 2 started out as being a quick cache and dash to Garston for a one of a possible 2 from the Football Focus series but due to traffic we diverted to North Watford and picked up Bella’s Bounty No5. Near Home (GC3N585). This one was a bit tricky to find and in an area where it was hard to hang around and still look inconspicuous but we managed to snag it in the end. It is a good job that there were 2 close together here as we originally went to find a different cache but despite a good 15 minutes of searching we could not find it.

Day 3 was our caching day out this week and we finished off the very enjoyable Brian’s Nature Ramble series as can be read in the following blog entry – Day 3 of 31 Brian’s Nature Ramble in Bushey. This was an excellent day and we managed an impressive 13 caches which is now our personal best.

Day 4 we had planned to head to Cassiobury Park for Sam to ride his bike and play in the park for a bit and this gave me an opportunity to pick up a puzzle cache that I had solved a little while ago. The cache is called 1321 (GC20h0j) and is quite a difficult puzzle to solve requiring knowledge of MD5 algorithms and other weirdness. It was probably the biggest container we have found so far when we pulled it out and had a good selection of swaps to sift through.

Day 5 was a quick trip up Garston way to grab one of the football focus series () which was handy as we were going up that way anyway looking at possible areas to live as we might be moving soon.

Day 6 took us to a place called Cheslyn Gardens which is a small plot of land sandwhiched neatly in between residential roads over near the Watford Tunnels. From the outside it is nothing special to see but inside it is a lovely mix of small open spaces and a winding path through well maintained gardens teaming with wildlife. The cache was hidden right at the back of the gardens and I was happy it was otherwise we would have missed exploring all the maze like paths through the gardens. (>))

Day 7 was a nice little diversion after a visit to the local swimming pool. LK Woodside Walk 1 () A nice one this hidden in a little copse of trees in a nice park, and one that has seen a few visitors in the last couple of days. In fact someone else visited it today.

So at the end of the first week in August all has been plain sailing. No DNF nightmares, no struggling for a cache on a day. The only problem is that now I am starting to think that I can actually do this thing. Whereas before I was convinced that there was no way that I was going to be able to, now that I have 7 days under my belt I am getting more confident. It has of course only been possible with the help and cooperation of Sam and Shar.

We shall see what week 2 brings, I have a feeling it will bring some interesting things, but more about that soon.

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