100th Geocache

Today we found our 100th Geocache. It is an achievement that I am very proud of, that we have managed to find this many caches in only 67 days. We found our first geocache on 6th June and today, the 11th of August, we logged our 100th. For this special occasion we decided to pick up a cache called feeling dotty (GC36RA9). This is a puzzle cache with a difficulty rating of 5, which is the hardest level. It is particularly relevant to us as in order to solve the puzzle you need to be able to read Braille. This is obviously a distinct advantage for me but it was still a pretty tricky puzzle as it used it in a way that I had never used it before. Having solved it a while ago we had the coordinates and fed them into the iPhone for the retrieval today. It took us to a very woody area in Northwood just to the south east of Moor Park. Once at gz the find was easy… for the blind man. Seems rather fitting really that the braille puzzle cache was actually found in the wild by the blind man.

Paul and Sam pose triumphantly with Team Washknight's 100th find at G. Click to enlarge
Of the 100 caches, 96 of them were traditional caches, 3 were puzzles and one was an earth cache which was the Cliffs at Hunstanton. Our caching has, so far, taken us to Mill Hill, Bushey, Elstree, Garston, Norfolk and all around Watford (Many Times). We have been down alleyways, through fields of tall grass, into hedgerows, up trees and to so many places that we didn’t even know existed. We have met other geocachers on our travels and I have, no doubt, bored to tears non geocachers that have made the mistake of asking what were up to. We have failed to find caches on lots of occasions too but this is all part of the game and at this time we still have 8 caches that we have tried to find that are still down as DNFs. We have found a hide 10 feet from a police car, containing 2 completely uninterested policemen. We have found 35mm film canister caches, and lots of tubes, and click and lock boxes and even a large Tupperware container. We have also found some very creative containers such as a duck, a snail shell, a spider, a hollowed out log, a tiny, tiny watch battery sized magnetic and quite a few that look like bolts in fence posts. We have sweltered in the scorching sun, and sheltered from the teaming rain. We have been stung, scratched and bitten, even to the point of needing anti biotics. We have disagreed, and occasionally bickered, but most of the time we have had fun and relished the next find and the prospect of laying our hands on a little tiny bit of hidden treasure that lies right under the noses of the muggles that walk on by every day.

So here’s to another 100 finds, and another, and another and more trees and hedgerows, and sun and rain, and snow (maybe), and laughs and disappointing DNFs (but not too many), and the lows and the highs. Here’s to Geocaching and all the fun it has brought us and here’s to team Washknight!

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6 Responses to 100th Geocache

  1. Smokeypugs says:

    W.O.W your blog is so inspiring! Well done on your 100th find Paul that’s a real achievement! Thanks also for putting us on to that cache!


  2. I am both amazed and humbled. An impressive achievement, Paul.


  3. Sarah says:

    Obviously you have many more than 100 since this is now almost a year ago (!), but congratulations. I loved your round up of all the different places and containers. We started in January and have found 45 and it is amazing the variety of objects we’ve found and places we’ve been. Also interesting that, thanks to your comment on my blog, now I know of someone doing this same thing in another country!


    • washknight says:

      Thank you 🙂 Yes we have over 640 now… I can’t believe we have found so many so quickly. I love blogging about geocaching and I love reading other geocaching blogs too…. I am in the process of creating a new post listing some of my favourite geocaching blogs. Thanks again for the comment.


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