Opening geocache locations in Navigon

The following explains a method to enable you to quickly and easily open the location of a geocache in Navigon so that you can use the turn by turn navigation system to get you to the cache. For this to work you need the following. An iPhone, the Groundspeak geocaching app installed, Navigon installed, a data connection (either wifi or mobile) and a special bookmark configured in Safari.

Probably the last item is the only one that you don’t have configured which is why you are reading this. Once all is configured you will be able to use the following method.

1. Open geocaching app and find the geocache you are interested in. 2. from the main cache information page select the 3 dots menu button in the top right corner and choose the View on External Map option. This will open safari and load Google maps with the location of the cache as the map centre.
3. Select the NAVIGON bookmark from your bookmarks list (instructions on how to create this are below). When you do this it will open Navigon with the cords of the cache as the chosen destination.

Below you will find instructions on how to set up the bookmark in safari. Please note that these instructions assume that you are using a Windows PC, Internet Explorer and iTunes. It will work with other browsers and on a mac but the method might be slightly different and I am not familiar with the exact steps required.

Creating the special NAVIGON bookmark in safari on your iPhone. 1. On your PC open internet Explorer.
2. go to any webpage and create a new favourite by using the favourite menu. When the add new favourite dialog box appears, set the name to NAVIGON and click ok.
2. Press control B to open the Organise favourites dialog. Find the new favourite you just created and right click on it and choose properties. 4. In the URL edit field delete anything that is there and paste the following in its place
javascript:window.location=’navigon://NAVIGON%7CCoordinates%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7 C’+gApplication.getMap().getCenter().lng()+’%7C’+gApplication.getMap().getCe nter().lat()
5. click OK and then close Internet Explorer.
6. Open iTunes and then attach your iPhone and sync it. This should copy all your favourites from internet explorer to safari on your iPhone. If it does not do this then check that iTunes is configured to sync Bookmarks. To do this make sure your iPhone is connected and then click on your device in iTunes and select the info tab at the top of the screen. Then towards the bottom make sure the sync bookmarks checkbox is checked and then click the apply button and then sync your iPhone and this should copy the favourites to Safari Bookmarks.

Once the NAVIGOM bookmark is configured you will be able to use the method at the top of the page to open your geocache locations in Navigon.

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