Our first cache has been published… oh wait its been found already!

I wanted to write about the excitement at having a cache published and the nail biting time spent waiting for someone to find it but the two events actually happened very close together so they can be covered in a single blog entry. When the notification came through that it had been published it was extremely excitingYou can see our cache listing here GC4PJYT SNS001 DAVE WOOL ATE EGG NUTS . However up until the point when someone finds it the doubts come flooding back about whether you have done everything right and whether people are going to like your cache.

What does happen is that you become quite hyper sensitive to anything anyone says about your cache as we found when the first post we received on the log was not a find but a comment from someone who sounded a little disgruntled that they couldn’t carry out the necessary clue finding to locate the cache because it was getting dark. This took the edge off the excitement a little and that night I went to bed feeling a little deflated about it all.

In the morning however there was a notification to say that the cache had been found by a different person and this was fantastic news. They had been in a hurry and so had promised to post a proper log later and when it did arrive on the cache page it was a real buzz. The log is included below here and a big well done goes to The Bongtwashes on being the first to find (FTF)
“I spotted this published last night, but this morning saw that it was still unfound and so decided to make a visit on my way in to work this morning. I collected all the numbers without too many problems, and worked out the final coords, and found a parking place very close to the cache. At GZ I spotted a likely hiding place, and was please to find my sums had been correct, and soon had the cache in my hand. I took the cache to my car to sign, I took the FTF prize and in the log I said I dropped a GC and TB, but when I got to work I found I still had them in my pocket. I also found that the pencil from the cache had fallen out into my car, and that I hadn’t taken a note of the bonus number, so I shall return to clear these problems. congratulations (and thanks) on your first cache, I look forward to many more appearing. FTF #620.”

So we are now officially Cache Owners (CO). It was almost exactly 4 months to the day from when we first started geocaching that we placed our first cache and it feels good to be putting something back into the sport that has given us so much enjoyment. I am aware that these first caches may not be perfect or without short comings but I am relishing the chance to learn and improve with future hides… I already have another 9 planned!!!!!!

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1 Response to Our first cache has been published… oh wait its been found already!

  1. momn3boys says:

    Congrats from across the pond! When we published one of our caches here in Virginia, USA (and we only hid three) they were all in public parks. When one of them was first published there was a battle of sorts over FTF rights, because the park opened at a certain time and apparently someone found it early in the morning before it was opened. There were some disgruntled cachers who were annoyed at the person who “cheated” and found it first.

    I’m sure the first person to attempt your cache was not disgruntled. They just decided to come back later and try again.


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