First Cache gone missing

Well I am definitely experiencing all aspects of being a cache owner at an accelerated pace. After placing it on Sunday and it being found on Monday it was then reported missing on Thursday. The person who found it first had returned as he had forgotten to record the bonus numbers that were inside the lid of the container and when he got there he discovered that it was no longer there. So in the space of just a couple of days some inconsiderate git has nicked it. When I read the note I felt gutted. The petty-mindedness of some people is beyond me. The container and its contents are practically worthless to anyone other than geocachers and yet someone decided that they wanted it and even though there was a note inside explaining what geocaching is an asking that people do not remove or vandalise the container they ignored this.

I have now replaced the container and we shall see if it stays there or whether it goes missing again. If it does go again I expect I will archive the cache and rethink completely.

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3 Responses to First Cache gone missing

  1. dreamcatchwriter says:

    That’s terrible. I’m sorry to hear it. After putting so much care into placing a cache it’s sad that one person could so easily ruin the fun. I hope your cache doesn’t get taken again.


  2. That’s bad luck. 😦


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