Cache number 2 published!

We finally got the OK from the reviewer today and our second geocache, SNS002 NEVER BUY EAR(GC4Q7EJ ) , has been published. It went live at around 11.30 this morning and as yet there have been no logged finds. Things normally get found pretty quick round here so I suspect that tomorrow will see its first log. At least I hope so. There was a little toing and froing with the reviewer on this one as there was some discussion about the placement and whether it was too close to a certain type of building. I don’t want to say too much right now just in case I give the location away to some of the local geocachers. šŸ˜›

I really like being a cache owner even though our first cache brought with it its dramas, it is all a learning curve and we can only get better and better the more we place. There are still 7 more planned for this series and we are considering releasing the next too at the same time just to mix it up a bit. I have purchased a couple of tiny magnetic Nano cache containers to use somewhere in the series for a bit of variety. I will try not to sit and watch the inbox too intensely to see if anyone ventures out to get this new one tonight, although finding all the clue items in the dark would be a challenge for sure.

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