The High and Lows of Geocaching

Well I know this is my third blog entry for today and I promise to shut up for a bit after this one but I just felt I had to comment on the highs and lows that geocaching can cause. On the high side we went out today and did a really fun small loop of caches themed on Star Wars and during we hit our 250 find milestone. A pretty awesome achievement really considering we have only been going for a little over 4 months.

And then there is the low. We discovered that our second cache has gone missing. Yep you heard right, or should that be read right. A mere 24 hours after it was hidden and less than 9 hours after it was published it is missing. A fellow cacher was there trying to find it tonight and messaged me to say that it didn’t appear to be there. Sharlene nipped down to the GZ as it is only a few minutes away and sure enough it has gone. I just don’t get it. What do people benefit by doing this. Starting to feel a little paranoid that someone is doing it on purpose to us, but that would just be staggeringly mean.

Sigh… bit of a deflating way to end the day really.

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3 Responses to The High and Lows of Geocaching

  1. dreamcatchwriter says:

    Congrats on your milestone. I’m sorry to hear about another cache gone missing. It does sound like someone might be targeting your caches 😦 Maybe you should visit logs of caches in that area and see if they are going missing as well? Hopefully whoever is taking the caches will get caught and banned from or something like that. Too bad we don’t have a geocaching police division for people who seek to ruin the game for the rest of us. They could have a stake out at your next cache location.


  2. If you have friends who go hunting maybe they have one of those trap cameras you could borrow for a short while to catch the culprit. but don’t be too quick to judge, I felt I was being targeted once by a cache thief, I had replaced a cache twice, only to find out on a 3rd tour of the area that a squirrel had been dragging the cache off. I was able to recuperate my cache containers and then drilled onto a dead tree to secure my cache for the long term, no problems since then.


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