Cache 2 Update

After reporting that our second cache had gone missing even before it could be found yesterday, I thought it was only right and proper to post a short update. Despite the epic thunderstorms in and around Watford today we managed to find a break in the clouds to nip out and replace the missing container. Whilst out and about we also checked on our first cache to check it was still there and breathed a sigh of relief to see that it was. Back at home and it wasn’t long before we had the notification that the new one had been found. Woo Hoo!! As an added bonus the cacher who FTFed it also went on to do our first one as well so that was doubly cool. Like I said yesterday… the highs and lows of Geocaching.

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2 Responses to Cache 2 Update

  1. Sandra says:

    Just as well you have a few spare cache containers..let’s hope you don’t need any more!


  2. dreamcatchwriter says:

    I’m so glad the caches are in the right place and being found. I hope they stay there 🙂


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