The British Library Multi Cache

Yesterday we went into London to visit the British Library and attempt the multi cache there – GC2M0AF The British Library. This is a staggeringly popular geocache which has amassed over 350 favourite points in just under 3 years. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone visiting London. In order to solve you need to find pieces of information that are dotted all over the library and this takes you to all sorts of interesting rooms. It really is a fascinating place and not like any library I have ever been in. You could spend a whole day there if you wanted there is so much to see and do. It is deceptively large as well with 9 floors below ground level, although most of these are off limits to the public as it is where they have their secure storage areas.

As for the cache itself, it is an extremely well put together experience that has been implemented in such a way as to be almost entirely muggle proof which considering where it is situated, is pretty impressive. The final hide is such a clever idea too and I just want to blab all about it but can’t as it is one of those experiences that you have to do… not just read about. But trust me, what awaits you is an excellent large container filled to the brim with TBs and swaps and a log book that surely is one of the most gratifying to sign.

With the experience of this and also of doing England’s oldest cache this week which you can read about in my previous blog entry, Geocaching History on Coombe Hill,I am thinking about creating a page that lists some of the most memorable caches that I have done. A sort of Bucket list of caches if you like. Ones that I would recommend you do before popping off your mortal coil. I can say without a doubt that the British Library multi would be on this list.

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  1. Chris Hall says:

    This is a great idea. With permission from our library I was able to place a geocache as well. But not as elaborate as yours.
    Charleston County Public Library


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