Sam approaches 100 finds in Hadley Wood

As the weekend approached Sam mentioned that he was keen to go geocaching as he was very close to achieving his 100 finds milestone. So on Saturday after some school work and a library visit in the morning, we packed some sandwiches, hot chocolate and headed off to Hadley Wood in Barnet. I had identified 9 caches, all bar one placed by the same family, that looked just the ticket. We all enjoy a good woodland romp and so were looking forward to it and despite there being a chill in the air we were more than up for the challenge.

Sam was on 91 and therefore we needed all 9 of the caches to get him to his milestone. We had a fantastic afternoon stumbling around the woods until the light started to fade and reluctantly we had to give up and return home having only found 7. We had a DNF on one of the caches and opted not to search for the last one as it was getting dark.

All the caches we did find were in good order and consisted of a selection of great woodland hides. Highlights include finding an ammo can which is always fantastic as you just don’t get too many of them in this country. Also we found a great cache that was a bit of a puzzle you had to figure out. Inside the cache were a few objects but no log. The log was hidden within one of the objects and after a few minutes it was smiles all round as we uncovered the hiding place.

Sam proudly holds the ammo can geocache found in Hadley Wood

Ammo Can Find

The woods are very popular it all manner of dog walkers and families and at times it was difficult to search effectively for some of the caches as we kept getting interrupted by people. At one cache we found more than just people when I lifted a log to locate the cache we also discovered a field mouse that came scurrying out. Probably wondering what the heck was happening to his home that had just been lifted up into the air.

A thoroughly enjoyable adventure in the woods it was and Sam was only slightly disappointed at not reaching his 100 but we have big plans to go caching next weekend with some people that we have come to know through the hobby. We are really looking forward to it although we are a bit nervous as this will be our first time geocaching with other people and we are aware that because of my blindness we do tend to cache a little slower or in different ways than most might expect. I suspect though that it will be a fun day though as they seem really nice people and have a very enthusiastic and cute pug dog who sounds like a lot of fun and it will be so nice for Sam to reach his 100 in the company of others.

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1 Response to Sam approaches 100 finds in Hadley Wood

  1. Sandra says:

    Good luck to Sam for his 100th..a great achievement.


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