2000 Blog Views!

I was astonished to discover that in only 6 months this blog has received over 2000 views. I am chuffed and elated to know that people are reading it and finding it interesting… hopefully. I just want to say thank you to everyone that follows the blog as well as anyone that doesn’t but just reads from time to time. Your comments and feedback are most appreciated. To this end I want to ask anyone who has anything to say about either the content or style of the blog to get in touch and let me know. Positive or constructive criticism is equally of value to me. I have only been blogging using WordPress for a short while and I am sure there are far more experienced bloggers out there that would be willing to share the odd piece of advice or suggestion. I am sure I am only using the basic features available to me on WordPress and wonder if the site could be enhanced if I understood these better. Or if you just want to tell me that you like one type of entry over another or that I use the word “basically” or “like” too often that that will help too. You can either leave replies on this post or you can use the contact form on the about me page if you would rather not chew me out in public. 
And most importantly… thanks for reading.

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