Breaking our slump with a milestone

Finally yesterday we managed to get out and do a little bit of caching. Our last find previously was on the 19th of December and we were starting to get seriously twitchy about the lack of chances to cache. What with Christmas and being away for New Year not to mention the rubbish weather we have been having, there just weren’t the opportunities to look for those smileys. It got me thinking though and I went and looked on our profile on and found that our previous longest “slump” was just 6 days. In the whole time since we had started back in June we had not gone more than 6 days without finding a geocache. Well we definitely smashed that record over the festive season and our new longest slump now stands at 17 days, a record that I hope we don’t beat anytime soon.

At last we got a small window of opportunity yesterday. Sam went to a friend’s house for one last playdate before school started again and the weather looked like it might actually not rain for a couple of hours. Not wanting to push our luck too far we decided to stay local and headed over to an area called Otterspool where there were a few caches that we could go for. We found the first one with relative ease and it felt so good to be out there again tromping through the trees in search of Tupperware. After a longer search we managed to find a second one although the water level was so high at this bridge that we felt sure the cache would have been washed away, but thankfully it wasn’t. The other cache we had planned was a no go though as the footpath to it was completely under water as can be seen from this photo.

Sharlene smiles happily after finding a cache. She stands on a bridge with a view of fields in the background which are flooded due to the recent heavy rain causing the river to burst its banks.


A quick change of plan and we headed in a slightly different direction towards a cache that we had previously had to log a DNF on. At GZ I spent 5 minutes shoving my hands into every imaginable hole in a tree that looked like one big bird’s nest only for Sharlene to find the little beggar in a completely different tree about 5 metres away. It was a good feeling to find this one, especially as this took us to our 400 milestone, a very nice way to start the year indeed…. And we’re back in the game… happy days.

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1 Response to Breaking our slump with a milestone

  1. Sandra says:

    Congrats on your 400th, sorry we could not share that with you when you were with us over New Year. Another time maybe.


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