Rain, rain, go away!

It seems like ages since we were out caching whereas in reality it is only a week, but that feels like a long timewhen you are listening to the rain patter on the window. We have a few caching adventures planned for the up coming days whichn gives me something to look forward too. Later today we are hoping to feed our addiction by doing a few local cache and dashes. The weather is pretty rubbish at the moment and we reckon the option of the warm and dry of the car could be a good idea. If the weather holds up this weekend hopefully we will get out with Sam as well and I have half a mind to do the Chalfont Amble series. This is not unusual as I only generally tend ot have half a mind at the best of times.

Thinking a little further ahead to Monday, if the weather is half decent we might try and tackle a bigger series during the day. Sam is off to the O2 in London to sing with the school, along with around 7000 other kids! The upshot is that we will have plenty of time to get lost in a field somewhere without having to worry about getting back in time to do the school run. We are considering doing the Route 66 series over in Chorleywood West but we shall see how things go.

Oh look, the sun is out and it has stopped raining… but then it did that an hour ago and started spitting again… sigh.

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