Our Caches Have 17 Favourite Points

    It has been a few months now since our Street Name Scramble Series has been out there for all to find and I thought it might be interesting to review what has been going on with them. If you want to know more about the caches then look back through the blog entries in the Hiding Geocaches Category. There are 6 hides in all, 5 scrambles containing clues to lead you to the bonus cache.

    Since they have been placed we have had 13 cachers come searching for one or more of the hides. In total there have been 55 find logs over the 6 caches with number 1 being the most found, a total of 12 times. 6 people have found all of the hides and a few more people have just one or two left to find. Considering it is winter now I have been pleased to see that cachers are still making the effort to do our caches even though it is few than you would expect if the weather was better. pah… don’t get me started on the weather.

    We have had our fair share of containers go missing already. Both Number one and 2 went missing almost as soon as they were placed. Number 5 went missing when the bush it was placed in became subject to some serious cutting back by the council. We did think number 3 had gone walkies as well and after going there ourselves to try and locate it due to the large amount of fallen leaves we came away without being able to confirm whether it was there or not. To our surprise a few days later a local cacher logged a find on it so we can rest easy on that one for a while. As I write this number 1 is temporarily disabled as it has gone missing again and I hope to get a replacement container out there soon.

    I have to admit that my plan of placing decent sized containers in an urban environment is proving to involve a fair amount of container replacement as caches get muggled. I am going to persevere with them at the moment and review the situation after a year to see if it is still viable to keep the containers as they are or whether it might be prudent to admit a partial defeat and revert to smaller micro or nano containers.

    The thing that I am most proud of though is that across the 6 hides we have received a total of 17 favourite points with all the caches receiving at least 2. This is proof that the concept is a good one and that people are enjoying the experience of locating them. In addition to the favourite points I have received lots of nice logs detailing the antics of those attempting to find our caches.

    All in all being a cache owner is a very rewarding experience although it can be a bit stressful at times. We are a lot more relaxed about things now but when we placed our first one we were very sensitive to every little comment made in the logs and at times it got a bit tense. Thanks to some good advice from our caching friends Smokeypugs and the encouragement of the local geocachers we are now a lot more confident in our ability to be good cache owners.

    We have big plans for future hides and weather and funds permitting we hope to be placing containers sometime over the next couple of months. These ones are going to be traditional caches placed in the more common surroundings of footpaths and woods and I am in no doubt that they will bring their own unique blend of problems and challenges to overcome… Bring it on!

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