I’ve Got The Key!

It’s always cool to see something a little different when it comes to geocaches and this one grabbed my interest a while back. Bones Cash Box is not a complicated or in depth puzzle cache, but instead it earns its question mark other status for two other reasons. Firstly there is only one place you will find the final coordinates and that is embossed on TravelBug TB4KNJ1. And before you think it would be possible for people to pass the coordinates around over the net or by word of mouth, then forget it. You might be able to locate the cache that way but you won’t be able to open it because dangling from the Travelbug tag… is a key! You guessed it, the key to open the cache.

TB KeyThe Travel bug is not to travel out of the area so as to give people a fighting chance of being able to find it in reasonable proximity of the cache. I had noticed this geocache when I first started caching but had no idea where the TB was at the time and saw little chance of getting hold of it. Then by chance I saw something posted by a fellow local cacher on his blog, Wizzard Prang’s Ramblings, who had located the TB and had been to log the cache. I commented on his blog and placed the TB on watch to see where he might drop it. It was another surprise, therefore to meet Wizzard Prang, otherwise known as Steve, in person at the Village signs event we went to recently and he put a big smile on my face when he dropped the TB into my hand.

We plan to make the short trip to the final location tomorrow and hopefully we will be able to log this rather unique cache.

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3 Responses to I’ve Got The Key!

  1. Kel says:

    What a cool idea…and good fortune for you! I wait with anticipation to hear what the cache was like 🙂


  2. captgeoman says:

    I really like that idea! I may try something similar here in South Carolina


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