Geo-Mumma Kel

I thought I might share a geocaching blog with you that I enjoy on a regular basis. I love reading about other people’s geocaching adventures almost as much as I like embarking on and writing about our own, and in the past 10 months or so I have slowly built up a collection of interesting blogs that I follow. Seeing as we are not doing a lot of caching at the moment till we move house in a couple of weeks I thought I would point you towards a blog that is almost as excellent and interesting as mine 😀
Geo-mumma Kel
Kel is from Australia and her cache by cache antics, sometimes alone and other times with her partner and young geokids, are always interesting to read. Relatively new to geocaching, Kel has detailed all that she has learnt along the wayand it has been fun for me to read along as she has progressed from a novice to having over 150 finds under her belt and even some hides too. Whilst not blessed with the density of caches that I am in Hertfordshire, Kel certainly makes up for that in some interesting DT ratings, often bush bashing or scrambling up rocky terrain to reach her finds. Always keen to challenge herself, Kel also recently embarked on a caching streak and it was both rewarding and annoying that she managed to last more days than we ever have. The blog entries are well written with a nice big dose of humour and a good spattering of photos, which although I can’t see, I can only assume are also great.
Go and check out what she is up to at

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1 Response to Geo-Mumma Kel

  1. Kel says:

    Wow! Thanks so much Washknight! I never expected my little blog would be of that much interest 🙂
    I too enjoy reading yours (and others) geo-adventures…it makes me feel like I’m part of a secret community 😉
    Thanks again for the shout out!


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