No Caching for a while but still Geo Thinking

Well, we are in our new flat now on the other side of Watford and most of the boxes are unpacked. It is because of this change in living arrangements that we haven’t been able to do any geocaching for 4 weeks now! I am chomping at the bit to get back out there and start finding caches again and hopefully it won’t be much longer to wait.
But even though we haven’t been caching my brain has still been ticking over and occasionally pondering on where we might go next, or what sort of hides we will use for our planned upcoming series. One such moment happened a couple of days ago after going to the supermarket for food. Even though the house was still covered in boxes from the move my ears still pricked up when Shar said she had refilled the pot with hot chocolate powder. I quickly rescued the plastic jar that the hot chocolate had come in as it would make a perfect cache container. A good size with a secure screw lid and all in lovely durable plastic and room for a fair few swapsand trackables. And the bonus is, that when it is found and the lid removed the geocacher will get a whiff of lovely hot chocolate!

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2 Responses to No Caching for a while but still Geo Thinking

  1. Kel says:

    Gah…4 weeks! The withdrawals must be awful! 😉


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