Camoflauged Tupperware – Creating our next series.

The image shows a lot of geocaches laid out. They are all covered in camoflauge tape. In the centre at the top is a box with a question mark on it covering two of the caches from view.
Now here is a picture to make a geocacher’s heart rate increase slightly. Lots of lovely new containers ready to go out into the wild and just screaming out to be found. Work is progressing nicely on our new series that we hope to have published in the next couple of weeks. All the containers are now ready and I am working hard on the cache pages to go with them. We just need to find a time at which we can get them all placed, take the coordinates and once all the write ups are done they can be submitted. I am so excited about having them published as I think it is going to be a nice straight forward series of caches through some really lovely countryside. The Wall Hall estate in Hertfordshire is a fantastic mixture of farmland, hidden lanes, footpaths, woods and rivers and will serve as an excellent backdrop for the 12 geocaches that we intend to place.

As you can see from the picture there are a lot of decent sized containers which have plenty of room for swaps and trackables. And then there is what is under the mystery box. I so want to blab all about the caches under there and one in particular as it is something a little out of the ordinary. It has taken me a while to construct it and assuming it all works then I believe it will add an extra element to the series. I have wanted to blog about it for a long time now but I do not want to spoil the surprise for the early bird cachers who will be out there hunting for the FTF (you know who you are!) Once the caches have been found a few times I will be able to spill the beans a bit more.

To go along with the new caches we are releasing 3 new TBs as well. Sam chose what to attach to the tags and the progress of “Duncan The Digger”, “Flame Bug” and “British Bug” will be watched with excitement when the series goes live. Sam has helped a lot with the preparations of the caches, cutting up log sheets and choosing swaps for the containers and he is looking forward to being joint Cache owner on them all.
Duncan is a small plastic digger. It is posed on top of a pile of sand ready to dig.Flame Bug is a VW Beetle keyring with a Flame design on it.British Bug is a VW Beetle Kering with a British flag on teh side.
Not long now… 🙂

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3 Responses to Camoflauged Tupperware – Creating our next series.

  1. Smokeypugs says:

    I think I know who you mean 😉 just hope they get published at a time we can have a stab at em!


  2. Kel says:

    What’s in the box ?!?!
    You do a ‘teaser’ well yourself 😉


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