Our Wall Hall caches go live and are found

After a couple of minor hitches our Wall Hall caches have been published tonight. We had to take out a reference to an external organisation in one of them and then we had to move another as it was to close to an existing cache but otherwise all the others were fine. They went live at 8pm tonight which clashed with a local monthly event so a lot of the normal FTF suspects were otherwise engaged. We didn’t plan it that way, when you submit a cache unless you stipulate a specific time or day you want caches published they will go live whenever the reviewer gets round to looking at them, which is pretty quick with our reviewer, Red Duster.

At just gone 9pm I got an email to say that the first one had been found. Shortly after more notifications started coming in as each of them were found in turn. -V1PER- got to the caches first and they were very helpfully logging their finds whilst they were out and about. This is a very useful guide for other potential FTF hunters so that they know within a very short period of time that someone is out there and doing them. The light was fading as the time passed and although they were not posting full logs, they noted that they would do that later, they did put little notes in every now and then and they were finding it more and more difficult as it got darker. We were surprised that they pushed on, especially as the latter ones in the series are in the woods and the darkness would be even more total here. Slowly, one by one all the notifications came in and they found the last one at just gone 10:15pm. Congratulations go to -V1PER- for getting all 12 FTFs, it must have been rather tricky as the darkness rolled in.

As a cache owner whose hides have just gone live it is a great feeling of excitement and relief the first time they are found. Just to know that your coords were good, and the containers didn’t go walkies in the first few days and that your hints were sufficient. Happy smiley faces all round tonight.

The caches can be viewed from this Wall Hall Bookmark List

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5 Responses to Our Wall Hall caches go live and are found

  1. We got the email alerts just as we crossed the car park at the event! C’est la Vie! Still, FTF isn’t everything. 🙂


  2. Kel says:

    Awesome – hope the adventures of the finders bring more than a few smiles your way 🙂


  3. Travelgypsynz says:

    Hope they are well loved and visited. Good work 🙂


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