The cache with ants in its pants!

There is something quite exciting about getting the chance to log a special type of cache that very few people, relatively, will ever get a shot at. Such an opportunity presented itself recently when Jacob’s moving cache #1 popped up in the local area. A moving or travelling geocache is different from normal caches in that each person that finds it, picks it up and then moves it to a new location. Once they have hidden it, they post the new coordinates in their “found it!” log on the cache page and then the search is on again for others to locate it. The reason that these mobile caches are so interesting is that Groudspeak no longer allows them to be created, so only those that already exist remain… when they go then that will be it, no more moving caches. For this reason lots of people have the remaining ones on “watch” and competition to get them is very fierce. Jacob’s moving cache #1, which was originally placed in the West Midlands in the UK in 2002, barely spends anytime out in the wild because it is normally snagged up within minutes of it being rehidden.

The appearance of it in the area was first discussed on the Beds, Bucks and Herts Facebook group about a month ago and it passed on by briefly before heading north almost in the blink of an eye. Lots of people thought that it was gone for good but a little over a week ago a local cacher and member of the BBH group managed to snag it and since then it has been moving amongst other locals. There is an element of “who you know” when it comes to these caches – if you know the person who has it then you are likely to get a heads up on its new hide location. In this vain the cache has been bouncing amongst BBH members but I didn’t expect I would get a chance to have a crack at it as even with the head start you still need to be like lightning to get to the cache before someone else does and that sort of caching just doesn’t fit our circumstances.

That was until I got a message last night saying that a friend had it and did I want it “to be hidden somewhere convenient?” I didn’t need to be asked twice and a couple of hours later I was able to ask Sharlene to “have a look in the bushes on the boundary of our front garden” to see what she could find. And so it was that we came to have Jacob’s moving Cache #1 in our possession. It turned out to be a lovely sized container stuffed to the gills with good quality swaps, something that is getting rarer and rarer these days. I rehid the cache under my pillow and then let Sam make the find in the morning so he could log it too 🙂

The cache container approx the size of a large sweet jar, is open on the table wiht all sorts of swag piled in front of it.

Swag Fest

This morning, it was time to set it free and hide it for the next person and true to form there were people pleading for it to be hidden in certain places or moved in a specific direction. We were only going to be able to hide it locally as we didn’t have much time today and I noticed that one person who had missed out on it yesterday, before I had it, had mentioned that they worked not too far away from where we live. We took a nice walk to the local park, waved farewell to the cache and hid it in the bushes, whereupon I then posted the new coordinates in my found it log and then a bit later messaged the person to alert them that it was up for grabs, or did I do those last two things the other way round… I can’t quite remember 😉

It appears that a lot of the finds made on this geocache are made with a helping hand, or a head start and as I said there is an element of “who you know” involved in getting hold of it. Some people may say that this is not in the spirit in which the original cache was placed and, indeed, this may be one of the reasons why Groundspeak don’t allow these types of caches anymore, but there are any number of valid ways to play the game and, personally, I don’t have a problem with playing it this way… but then I would say that, I have just logged my first, and very probably only, moving cache! 🙂

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3 Responses to The cache with ants in its pants!

  1. Not fair, geo-mum Kel caught one, you catch one I want one too! And I had not even heard of them. Wonder if there are any floating around NZ. They sound really cool, shame there are to be no more:-(


  2. Lavender Bll says:

    Sounds like fun, glad you managed to catch up with one


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