Tieing up loose ends in Knotty Green

A week or so ago we went to Bekonscot model village to attempt the multi cache there. We had a fantastic time which you can read about in the blog entry, Bekonscot – Playing at being giatns for a day, but we didn’t find the cache. On speaking with the cache owner we had made one error and so we made a note of the correct coordinates and put it on our to do list. Also recently we had completed half of the CaptainJack Knotty Green series as you can read about in the blog entry Getting Knotty with CaptainJack. So today seeing as these two loose ends are a matter of a few hundred metres apart we set out to collect the multi and also finish off the 9 Knotty Green caches we had left.

The Multi was an easy find after we had parked at the trail head it was just a few hundred metres down the path before we spotted the hint item which was an ivy covered stump. As well as being covered in ivy it was also surrounded by needle like thorns which I managed to continually stick into my hands whilst retrieving and replacing the container.

Once that was done we moved the car a short way down the road to the head of a footpath that led into the woods where the Knotty Green caches were. The first 3 of these were all placed along this footpath which unlike a lot of captainjack hides was almost urban, with houses to the left of the fence along the edge of the path. They were also micro sized caches and all of them were a bit fiddly to find but in the end we managed to get them all. The fourth one was a bit further into the woods and much more like the sort of terrain we enjoy. There was quite a lot of rain the night before so there was a bit of mud around but nothing too bad. I smiled when I saw the container as it was an old Marmite pot… I love marmite!

Cutting across the loop to the other side of the woods, we just had 5 more to find to complete the series. We went a little wrong and came too far down the loop so we had to back track to collect 2 of the caches but the walk was pleasant enough. One of them was a bit tricky but we should have known as it was called “A little challenge” and it was buried deep inside some blackberry bushes on a metal fence. Getting to it involved quite a lot of pain for me. The things you do for a geocache, eh?
Buckinghamshire View
The last four caches were straightforward enough being hidden in bowls of trees or at the base of posts along the side of the footpath as we headed back towards the road where the car was park. The cache finds whilst fairly unremarkable did take us along some pretty woodland and arable fields and it was a perfect climate to cache, warm but not too hot with a nice breeze. In some sort of spooky alignment moment Sam and I worked out that with these finds my account is just 8 short of 750 and his miniknight account is just 8 short of 300. He is off to stay with his Nanny in Norfolk for a week soon and I expect he will hit his] milestone while he is there. Maybe Shar and I will hit our 750 at a similar time as he reaches his 300… now that would be cool!

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