300 in the Dark for MiniKnight

Whilst staying in Norfolk with his Nanny, Sam (MiniKnight) did his first ever night cache, Sandringham Nights (GC4Y4GP). You would be forgiven for thinking that a night cache was simply a geocache that you find at night. It is in fact one that can usually ONLY be found at night, or more precisely, when it is dark. Generally you will be given starting coordinates and then instructed to follow the path as indicated by reflective marker tacks that have been fixed to objects such as posts or trees. During the daytime you will be hard pressed to find these markers but when it is dark and with the aid of a powerful torch or two, a hidden trail of markers will be revealed to you, leading you, hopefully, to the cache. Other types of night caches use writing and symbols that can only be seen under UV light and in order to do these caches you will need some device that emits UV light. I am a little jealous to be honest as Sam managed to do a night cache even before I have, but I am very proud of him and indeed his Nanny and Granddad who accompanied him in the spooky woods of the Sandringham Estate.
Sam holds a sign with 300 in pink as well as the cache whilst the wood is shrouded in darkness
There was much to celebrate when they finally found the cache as not only was this everyone’s first night cache but it was Sam’s 300th cache find. I am so proud of him not only for this but also because he also completed the 7 Souvenirs of August challenge this week as well. Well done MiniKnight… everything is truly AWESOME.

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4 Responses to 300 in the Dark for MiniKnight

  1. Lavender Bll says:

    Love the sound effects


  2. Travelgypsynz says:

    Awesome alright, still have to do a night cache myself. Well done.


  3. lindanugget says:

    Yay! Way to go Sam. Our grandson, Samuel (akk–Sammy) made his very first geocache on Saturday, September 13, 2014–and he loved it. You are an inspiration to us–maybe one day we’ll be holding such a sign as yours! Keep up the good work.


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