A Very Handy TravelBug

handtbI simply could not resist posting something about what I consider to be the coolest trackable on the planet. KJWX, a cacher based in New Zealand, a few months ago became the first person to have a trackable implant! (The Mark of The Geocacher ((TB60ZG6))) The small chip that uses the NFC technology is embedded under the skin of her hand. In order to log it you need a smartphone that supports the NFC system such as an android, blackberry, windows phone and FIMALLY (thanks Apple for joining the party eventually) the iPhone 6. By placing the phone against her hand you will be able to get the tracking code necessary to log it!

For more info about this futuristic TB check out the blog at It’s Not About The Numbers which she maintains together with her brother.

I hereby challenge the only geocacher / blogger based in NZ that I know, travelgypsynz, to go seek out this TB and log it… you have to do it, if only to see on geocaching that you have discover the TB “in the hands” of the owner! 🙂

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3 Responses to A Very Handy TravelBug

  1. travelgypsynz says:

    Challenged, well that is the grown up version of “I dare you” challenge accepted will check this out, very very cool. I wonder if he inserted it with No8 wire?


  2. Seems to hang out in Wellington, but have placed it on watvhlist in case we cross paths further up the Island or if I go South, may have to plan a short hreak around it.


  3. stappersjos says:

    Reblogged this on geostappers and commented:
    Very “handy” indeed…:-)


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