Washknight Interrogates…

When I can’t actually be out in the big outdoors searching for tupperware, I love to flick through the internet in search of blogs so I can read about the caching antics of others. In the last year or so I have built up a list of my favourite sites and thought it would be a cool idea to shine an interrogation lamp on some of the people behind the blogs.

I sent out a few emails with some questions and in super quick time I got my first couple of responses. You won’t find the answers to their questions here, for that you will have to head over to their blogs and while you are there, check out everything else they have ever written 🙂

Kel, aka Geo-Mumma Kel, is from Australia and has been caching for almost a year now. Her high terrain rating antics – sometimes in thongs (no… not that sort of thong) – and interesting, well-written and funny blog entries are always the top of my reading list. Geo-Mumma Kel faces Washknight’s Interrogation

Krista is from Surrey in the UK and maintains an enjoyable and funny blog called The Muminator and the geocaching adeventures of her family always have me giggling. Head on over to her site at to find out how she answered the questions and how her caching obsession, in her own words, almost ended in divorce 🙂 The Muminator in the spotlight

I hope you like their responses to the questions, and that you will consider following their blogs… you won’t regret it. Keep an eye out here for future posts where I thrust some more of my favourite GeoBloggers into the limelight.

To quickly find all my posts listing the other bloggers that have taken my challenge use this tag search – Articles tagged with Washknight Interrogates.

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2 Responses to Washknight Interrogates…

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  2. Kel says:

    Awesome – thanks again Washknight, it was such a great exercise to put my mind to….and now, off to check out Muminator 😃


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