Washknight Interrogates… New Zealand

O.K. so I am not interrogating the whole of New Zealand but its a start at least. Continuing in the series of finding out more about the cachers behind the blogs I invited my favourite NZ cacher to “Anzer Zee Qvestionz”. Hang on, when I said my favourite NZ cacher I was of course not including my other half, Shar, who is also from NZ but now over here…with me… and she is of course my favourite NZ cacher and for that matter my favourite everything… promise dear… can you stop looking at me like that now please?

Urbangypsynz is as I have mentioned from New Zealand and offers me that unique opportunity to turn to Shar and ask, “do you know where that is” whenever a new blog article goes up on her site, travelgypsynz.wordpress.com. Definately not a numbers girl and with an obsession for Earth caches her blog entries are a mixture of funny geocaching antics and fantastic reviews of the parks and natural environs of her native New Zealand. So do the decent thing and click on over and discover My Secret Life as a Geocacher by Urbangypsynz

To quickly find all my posts listing the other bloggers that have taken my challenge use this tag search – Articles tagged with Washknight Interrogates.

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1 Response to Washknight Interrogates… New Zealand

  1. Kel says:

    Dear oh me….I have a lot of reading to catch up on!! When I am I ever going to get time to go caching?!?


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