Interrogating a newbie, and a reviewer

my interrogations this time have produced a very interesting combination. If you have spent any amount of time searching for or reading geocaching blogs then you will know that there are not so many active ones that stretch back more than a couple of years – All the ones older than that have dried up long ago. Well I have one for you here and to balance it out I also have one that is just a few months old.

Kelly who goes by the caching name kelly.lisa was introduced to geocaching in May 2014 and only started blogging about it even more recently. The stories she tells are fresh and humours, full of cheeky enthusiasm and I guarantee that you will smile and nod your head in recognition of some of the situations and experiences that we all go through when starting out. Take a click over to her site and check out how she answered the questions in her post Interrogations and Deliberations.

Dick is from America and goes by two different caching names – firennice and Bluerajah. His dual geocaching personality is explained by the fact that since 2009 he has been one of the Volunteer Reviewers for Utah where he lives. He likens his introduction to geocaching to be similar to that of taking the red pill or falling down the rabbit hole. His blog is packed with the details of his adventures along with useful guidance about geocaching from the point of view of both a cacher and a reviewer. If you need anymore of an incentive to head on over to his site then I can tellyou that whilst out geocaching he has saved at least one life and got one of the funniest / chilling spider stories I have ever read. You can read his answers at The Washknight Interrogation.

To quickly find all the posts listing the other bloggers that have taken my challenge use this tag search – Articles tagged with Washknight Interrogates.

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1 Response to Interrogating a newbie, and a reviewer

  1. Kelly says:

    I enjoyed taking part in these interrogations. Thank you for the lovely introduction and thank you for introducing me to some interesting blogs. I am never going to catch up with Strictly Come Dancing now, I shall be too busy reading!


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