The Wizzard, The Baker and The Podcaster

Sounds like the weirdest bible story ever! and so it came to pass that three presented themselves before Washknight to suffer his mighty interrogations… or something like that. lol

Steve has the interesting caching name of WizzardPrang and loves tech, off roading and, of course, caching which he does in and around Hertfordshire where he lives. His site is the second ever geocaching blog that I found and I have been following it for over a year now, tuning back in to enjoy his wry sense of humour and follow his ongoing quest to one day finish the Chiltern 100. I have had the pleasure of meeting him in person a couple of times and I can say he is a bloody nice guy, so go check out how he stood up to interrogation at The Washknight Tapes.

Elanor started caching at the beginning of 2014 and has recently achieved her 100 cache find milestone. Her blog contains a cache by cache account of her adventures as she picks up the smileys, often accompanied by her caching buddy Terri. If the lure of interesting geocaching blog entries isn’t enough to get you to click through then you will also find some very yummy cake recipes on her blog too 🙂 Go on, you know you want to, go read her Interrogation on her blog Sun and Cake.

Colin who caches as Cornell Finch signed up on in 2005 but it then took until 2009 before he actually found his first cache. Probably best known as being one of the hosts of the UK Geocaching Podcast and more recently the Chasing Smilies podcast, He lives in Hampshire in the UK and has an has a nasty habit of being inappropriately dressed whilst out caching. Be sure to check out how he tackled the challenge of Washknight’s Interrogation.

To quickly find all the posts listing the other bloggers that have taken my challenge use this tag search – Articles tagged with Washknight Interrogates.

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2 Responses to The Wizzard, The Baker and The Podcaster

  1. Thanks for the awesome build-up Paul! 🙂 Really enjoying reading all the other interrogation responses. You’re building quite a collection there, congratulations!


  2. Collin says:

    Hey Paul – just to let you know, you have two more “victims”! Last night on the Chasing Smilies podcast we ran the 20 questions to Mark (Benign Source/Oh Beep) and Geo Paul vLogger. If you’re gonna listen, put earphones on first, the show isn’t family friendly! Coll


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