A bad day at the office!

Every once in a while, things just don’t seem to pan out the way you thought they might, or be as much fun as you thought they were going to be, or any fun at all for that matter. I could, of course, be talking about any aspect of life but this being a geocaching blog, I am referring to a recent caching day out. The day in question was Tuesday the 4th of November and it was the first time for quite a while that Shar and I were heading out on our own.

For whatever reason, and I will list a few, it turned out to be a bit of a dead loss. When I look back and realise that we actually did find 8 caches on the day it surprises me that I still think of it as a bad day but we just weren’t having fun. We had travelled to Wigmore, which is not far from Luton Airport on the border of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, to do the Wigmore Wander series of caches. I’m gonna keep this blog entry relatively short as in my head it just sounds like a lot of whinging and I don’t wanna be “that guy”, so here is a summary.

1. Both Shar and I were experimenting with new phones, which sounds great but it left both of us confused at times and not trusting what our devices were telling us. I am still not entirely happy with my 4s as the compass seems way over sensitive and needs calibrating every 5 seconds. Shar’s new S3 mini reports the direction of the cache well enough but seems to go a bit weird and misreport the distance quite often.
2. Within 2 minutes of being out of the car, we were in the mud. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t mind mud but we didn’t get eased into it, just straight into the mud.
3. Also straight out of the car we weren’t exactly sure which path to take so not a great start as we now didn’t trust our phones, weren’t sure which path to take and were ankle deep in mud.
4. I slipped down a bank at the first cache and got covered in dirt.
5. We couldn’t find the 2nd cache despite looking for 20 minutes. We really must get a pocket book of trees as neither of us knew what a hazelnut tree looked like.
6. The local farmer was spraying pesticide on the fields right next to us which provided a fantastic aroma of chemicals.
7. I seemed to walk into every low branch. I am not sure if there was something wrong with me or that the trees in question just had lots of low branches but I seemed to find them all with my face.
8. After 4 caches we both needed the loo and there was of course none and the surrounding woodland / fields were too busy and too exposed to “get back to nature” until about an hour later, by which time my back teeth were practically floating!
9. At 40% battery remaining my iPhone decided to shut down and refused to power up again until I plugged it into my charger.
10. We had another DNF along a bridle path that involved 20 minutes searching a thicket of trees and bushes.
11. We were grumpy
12. The hides were nothing special and whilst this is probably a disservice to the series as I am sure if we were in a better mood we might have enjoyed it, but on the day we didn’t.
We did have a brief respite around lunch time where we found a nice spot to sit, eat lunch and even enjoyed a little sunshine, but we both knew it was too little too late. Two more caches on and we both agreed that neither of us had the stamina, or inclination to carry on and so we cut our losses and took a direct path back to the car.

A crips winter scene through the trees across a field. The later autum colours are visible

Shame, looks like a nice place

It’s a shame really as under the right circumstances I reckon we would have enjoyed the series but on that day with all the above going on it really did just seem like a bad day at the office. Maybe when we return to finish off the series we will enjoy it a bit more… hopefully.

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4 Responses to A bad day at the office!

  1. wendy says:

    Sorry you didn’t enjoy my caches 😦 thinking of archiving them to be honest


    • washknight says:

      Hi Wendy, Like I said, I think it was all about us and what was going on with us as opposed to your caches 🙂 We always appreciate the efforts of COs to place caches and for that I thank you. After all we still went home with 8 smileys and still do intend to get the rest on a return visit. 🙂


  2. Kel says:

    I know what ‘those’ days feel like…..when you just can’t seem to cut a break. Hope the next adventure brings more fun along with it 🙂


  3. hg137 says:

    We read this post a few days ago – it’s really, really annoying when everything goes wrong -and it has inspired Mr Hg137 to write a post on a similar theme on our blog http://sandhurstgeocachers.wordpress.com

    Mrs Hg137


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