Washknight featured on OpenCaching North America Blog

Recently I was contacted by Jim from the OpenCaching North America Blog asking me if I would be interested in answering a few questions about my experiences geocaching as a blind person. Well what with me being the shy retiring type… I was more than happy to waffle on, probably more than I needed to, and to provide some photos for them as well. They have assembled the Q&A and photos into a very nice blog entry, Interrogating Washknight.

I’d like to thank Jim for inviting me to answer the questions and doing a fantastic job putting the entry together and publishing it on their site.

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9 Responses to Washknight featured on OpenCaching North America Blog

  1. Travels With The Halls says:

    Really great interview, Paul. I enjoyed reading about how you geocache, the special software you use, and the enjoyment you, Shar, and Sam get out of the hobby. Keep going, my friend!


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  2. Great interview, I am just blown away by your enthuisiasm and acievments, inspirational. Keep you accounts coming.


  3. Kel says:

    Thanks to the World Wide Caching Network, I now know all about the ALT function for my photos so your screen reader pics them up. Awesome 🙂
    Oh, I agree, great interview 🙂


  4. smokeypugs says:

    I’ve said it before Paul we think your awesome! Being out with the ‘Washknights’ is a humbling experience at time but most of the time we forget Pauls condition and just get on with enjoying the countryside and the great company (plus cake 😉). Caching brought us together but hope, like us, you count us as friends!


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