Aborting After A Tip-Off

Last Thursday we went out with good intentions of grabbing a few caches in and around Mill Hill which is the area I grew up in. I had scouted out a half a dozen locations where we could drop the car and grab a couple of caches at each. It all started well enough, we parked up near a roundabout called Mill Hill Circus and headed into a small gardens that I hadn’t ever noticed before despite the fact that I used to walk past it every day when I was about 12 on my paper round. With minimal fuss we found the right bush, once we worked out what constituted a low bush and after we had decided that the first one we tried actually wasn’t that low. The second bush was perfect and even though the little green space was busy with walkers and other random people Shar managed to pluck the cache, Simmonds Mead, Village Green(GC22C23) out and we signed the log.

Our second cache was just a short walk away on a footpath that connected two roads, Footpath from Lawrence Street to Birkbeck Road (GC474KY). It was a nice walk along the footpath which afforded us views up across the Mill field to what used to be St. Joseph;s College but is now being developed into luxury apartments. We had been here before, although we were up the top of the mill field last time – See Three Little DNFs from 9, are we!. The sun was even trying to shine a bit of joy on our cold bones as we made our way along the footpath to GZ. Once there we failed miserably to find the cache despite a lot of log lifting and turning, barbed wire negotiating and sticking hands in unseen places.

We gave up after 15 minutes and headed back to the car for the short drive to Lyndhurst Park where our next cache, Lyndhurst Park (GC4Y7T8), was waiting. Out of the car and into the park and soon we were at GZ of this simple offset multi. We were looking forward to this cache as it promised to be a bit of fun. Inside the container are supposed to be 50 Kindar egg containers and in just two of them the coordinates for the final are hidden. As you can guess by the language I am using, we didn’t find it. The hint said that the cache was on the ground under the ivy. Well there was ivy everywhere. Shar was getting very frustrated with her new Samsung s3 as despite my iPhone telling me we were on top of GZ, it was telling her that we were over 100 metres away still. This is a recurring problem with her phone and over the last couple of caching days she has become very distrusting of the phone in general. While she swore at it softly at the edge of the bushes I waded in and starting searching in the ivy. I found quite a lot of empty bottles – beer, whiskey etc. – but no cache. Then all of a sudden I noticed the end of my cane was missing. Not only had the roller tip become detached but the bottom 10inch section of cane had gone too. I started searching in the ivy again… not for the cache this time but for my missing cane bits. After 10 minutes of that we both decided that it was a dead loss and left the park with no cache and a broken white stick. Obviously this made any further caching for me impractical and so we got back in the car and headed for home, distinctly pissed off! Aside from being an essential mobility aid for me, my long white cane is also my personal mileage trackable. It has a TB dogtag attached to it and I log it as visited on each cache we find. See Long White Cane TB.

I have since got myself a new “sunday best” cane and rebuilt my caching one from bits of old canes that I had at home so we can now go caching again. And Shar has decided that when we go, from now on she will use her old Samsung Galaxy Ace which worked perfectly well, and a hell of a lot better than the supposedly more advanced S3. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we are off out to try out both of these with a few caches in Bottley, and I will be sure to let you know how things go.

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6 Responses to Aborting After A Tip-Off

  1. MzBizkitz says:

    I hate ivy! It’s so tricky to find anything in! Glad that you’ve managed to rebuild your cane. Sounds like a very frustrating day! Hopefully your next adventure will prove to be more successful 🙂


  2. oldermummy says:

    Glad you sorted your cane out. What a good idea to have it as a TB. I’ve had similar experiences with Android vs. Apple. My friend has an iPhone and I a Galaxy SIII and whilst most of the time we both show that we’re on the cache, there have been times where she says we’re at GZ and my phone still says we’re 50-100m away. I’ve worked out this often happens when I’ve turned my GPS off for a while. It seems to fiddle about to get itself reset properly. Look forward to hearing about more of your adventures.


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