A Merry Caching Christmas

Whilst there has been no caching since the 22nd for us, it wasn’t absent from our Christmas by any means. First off we got this fantastic card from my mum who had taken the time to make it especially for us
A christmas scene shows the wise men making their way to the stable complaining about how accurate the coordinates are.
Next there were presents. I got new boots! New Boots! Yeah baby, new boots! As you can tell I am happy about this. I am hoping they are going to be comfy and waterproof. They come recommended by uber cacher drsolly who has blogged on a number of occasions on how his boot of choice is the Hi-Tec EuroTrek, and so those were the one I put on my wish list and Santa, or more accurately, Shar, did not disappoint.

My mum sent me a lovely package containing a couple of geocaches, some magnets and some camo tape which I will be putting to good use this year. I bought Shar a set of gaiters and Santa slipped some “write anywhere” pens and tweezers into her stocking so we are ready and raring to geocache.

We plan to get out on January 2nd and put some of our presents to the test. We will have to wrap up though as the temperature is hovering around freezing here quite a bit at the moment.

Did GeoSanta bring you any nice caching gifts?

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2 Responses to A Merry Caching Christmas

  1. Glad Santa bought tweezers how did he know lol? I got a torch with screwdrivers and tweezers attached, most useful.


  2. Love the Christmas card, awesome 🙂


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