Caching into 2015

Now that 2015 is upon us, I have been giving some thought to what I would like to achieve with regards to geocaching this year. I have refrained from setting very challenging goals as this may lead to undue pressure to achieve them or disappointment if I don’t. Then again, on the other hand it may not, after all this is just a hobby and the prime directive, as Captain kirk would say, is to boldly go… and have fun.

Well first off I would be utterly staggered if we didn’t reach our 1000 milestone this year. We are only just over 100 smilies away so that shouldn’t be a problem. We had a tendency to allow milestones to slip past us almost unnoticed in 2014, but I am determined to make an effort to do something special for this one. We have talked about finishing the epic cache, Your Mission, this year so that is one possibility for our 1000th find.

Generally, in terms of numbers, it would be nice to do more in 2015 than we did in 2014 but I won’t get too precious about it. We did 478 in 2014 and if we wanted to beat that this year we would need to average around 40 a month which is totally doable, but who knows what the year ahead holds for us by way of distractions and obstacles

I would like to find a couple of cache types that we have never logged before, such as a webcam or wherigo and attend a handful of events, including possibly the UK mega which is being held in Essex this year. Our home county of Hertfordshire is bordered by Essex to the east and this is probably the closes the UK Mega event will be to us for a while. The 2016 event is being held in North Wales which is about a 5 hour drive away so it would be folly to pass up the chance to attend a UK mega which is only around an hour away as the Essex one will be.

Of course, I hope we get to continue our Pugwash adventures with our friends Geoff and Melissa a.k.a. Smokeypugs. Caching with other people definitely brings another dimension to the hobby and the adventures we had in 2014 were always fun and exciting so there will most assuredly be more of that. I can feel a common goal developing to work on finishing the Aylesbury ring over the course of the year which is a pretty mammoth goal, but I reckon the good ship Pugwash can ride the stormy seas to snag the treasure. “ARRRRHHHHH!” (piratey grimace).

In terms of our own hides, we have plans to place another series nearby to our Wall Hall one, hopefully to be ready sometime around Easter. Additionally, I do have permission to place caches in another location, some woods in Mill Hill, so have the option of pursuing that too. Sam is keen to put out a hide that he is sole cache owner on and, to this end, we have in mind a Church Micro that we plan to get out there early in the year. As well as placing new caches, obviously I want to keep on top of the maintenance for our existing caches and I don’t have any plans to archive any of them as they all seem to be working well.

In the virtual world, I will be keeping the blog going, it is an immensely enjoyable part of geocaching for me and now that I have been doing it for almost 18 months it is very satisfying to browse back and remember all the great caching adventures we have had. I am constantly amazed that nearly 100 people follow the blog now and I want to thank you all for casting your eyes or, in some cases possibly, ears over my wafflings on a regular basis. I am also keen to continue discovering and promoting other geocaching blogs from around the world and to this end will attempt to regularly update the list of active geocaching blogs on my own site.

The below list broadly summarises our geocaching goals for 2015:-
Honour our 1000 milestone with something special.
Find at least 1 Webcam and 1 Whereigo
Do a night cache
Tackle the Chiltern 100 series as a family
Attend some events including the UK Mega
Have more Pugwash Adventures
Place a new series of caches
Help Sam place his own church Micro.

Oh, and…

Get wet, hot, cold, lost, scratched bitten, tired, grumpy, hangry, confused, excited, elated, victorious, muddy, climb up, crawl in, jump over, fall down… and write about it all on this blog.

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3 Responses to Caching into 2015

  1. travelgypsynz says:

    And have a heap of fun doing so 🙂

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  2. TheRobbInn says:

    We are still quite new to Geocaching and still learning the ropes but so enjoy reading blogs like yours. Keep them coming please.

    Liked by 1 person

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