Bovingdon Rebooted

Shar and I decided that on Thursday we would plan a larger than normal caching day as Sam was going to a friend’s house after school and then to Scouts so we would be free much later than normal. It would still be getting dark at around 4.30, but at least we didn’t have to rush to get back to pick Sam up from school at 3.
As usual we did all the planning and preparation. Caches were loaded into phones, phones were charged. Parking coordinates were planned and lunch was made. We dropped Sam off at school and after a quick visit with a friend we drove to Bovingdon. Back in November 2013 we had been to Bovingdon to do a series called RAWGOLD and it had been a very memorable day that ended up with us getting lost with no phones, GPS and running out of time to get back to pick up Sam from school – See Slow Cats and Lessons Learned Back to Bovingdon. On Thursday we had planned to go back and finish the series off and get the bonus; that and pick up some other local caches too.

We arrived at our first parking coordinates of the day. The weather was cold, bitterly but at least it was dry and clear. We started getting ready, putting on boots and gaiters and… Hang on, that isn’t right. I had mistaken Sam’s boots for Shar’s. I had put the wrong boots in the car and they were way too small for Shar. Oh bugger. This caching day was not one that we could do in normal everyday shoes, it was going to be muddy, very muddy most likely. Back in the car and off home we went. I hate being blind sometimes… well most of the time actually.

Once we had got back home, neither of us could quite muster the enthusiasm to go back out again and so all that planning has been put back on the shelf for next time. We have a theory that Bovingdon is cursed for us; our visits never seem to pass without incident.

Still you’ve got to laugh eh?

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6 Responses to Bovingdon Rebooted

  1. TheRobbInn says:

    How absolutely annoying to find you had the wrong boots. We once parked up and were about to set off only to find no pen or pencil. Now we have them everywhere; in every pocket.

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  2. Confession time: I arrived at my destination without the GPS. Truth or lie? I love that programme. Sadly true.


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