Sam’s First Hide Goes Live

Yesterday Sam a.k.a. MiniKnight submitted his first cache and today it went live. Whilst I have helped him at points along the way, he has done all the work himself and I am very proud of him. Church Micro 7231… Aldenham (GC5MF95) is a puzzle cache and whilst the puzzle is relatively straightforward, we were surprised to see the first found it log pop up in just under 20 minutes of it being published. We have some pretty full on FTF hounds around these parts but I wondered if the puzzle might slow them down a little, but apparently not. Well done to gigglesandlouby+1 being FTF and hard luck to smokeypugs who were just 5 minutes behind.

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3 Responses to Sam’s First Hide Goes Live

  1. Sandra says:

    Good luck with it Sam

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  2. TheRobbInn says:

    Well done Sam. We haven’t yet placed a cache but reading about yours give us hope! We are ‘half’ of you by just reaching our 200 so perhaps by the time we get to 400 we will be ready to start planning what and where we will start. Keep up the good work.


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