Interrogating a streaker

Well the weather is certainly starting to get a bit warmer over here in the UK now and so it seemed like a good time to invite an experienced streaker to take the… oh wait not that sort of streaker? Oh, I knew that… no really I did. Thinking about it, the interrogation bulb does get a bit hot, you definitely want to keep your clothes on around it!

Elisa a.k.a. Scrapcat lives and caches in southeast Michigan in the USA. She was introduced to caching by her brother on a visit to the Zoo one day back in 2011. She has many interesting, funny and informative stories to tell and they are all laid out beautifully on her blog. In November 2014 she celebrated her 5000th cache on the 1000th day of a caching streak and as of April 2015 it doesn’t look like she will be breaking that streak anytime soon. Check out how Elisa answered the questions including how she overcame one of her worst fears to claim her most memorable cache.

To quickly find all the posts listing the other bloggers that have taken my challenge use this tag search – Articles tagged with Washknight Interrogates.

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2 Responses to Interrogating a streaker

  1. Hats off to the streaker, that equates to everyday for just over 3 years WOW


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