Wall Hall Maintenance

After receiving a few DNFs on a couple of our Wall Hall caches we thought it was a good opportunity to go for a walk and do a maintenance run today. We have had cause to return and maintain the odd cache here and then in the last few months but we haven’t actually walked the entire route since we placed the caches back in July last year.

It was great to walk the whole series again, we were reminded of just what a lovely mixture of environments the series travels through in a relatively short distance. The maintenance went better than expected with 11 of the 12 caches being in good condition leaving us just to put in a few fresh log sheets. We had received a couple of DNFs on the 2nd cache in the series but managed to find it snug, safe and sound in its hiding place. It is probably one of the trickier caches as it is in a fairly non-descript location. Rather than having a particular tree or log or other notable structure to focus your search on, it is just nestled a fair way inside a bush. It is one of those caches that you just have to work a bit harder for.

We did have to replace one missing container and that was at number 5 which is next to the impressive mansion in Wall Hall. Despite a thorough search for the regular sized container we finally had to agree with the previous 2 cachers that it had gone walkies. We had come prepared though and put in place a new container. At the next cache in the series we bumped into two families who were doing the series and had a quick chat with them. It was a shame that they had just had to admit defeat on number 5 as they had obviously been there before we had replaced it. We leap frogged them and walked quickly on to the next cache so that we could stay ahead of them and check all the others in the series before they arrived to find them.

It is a good feeling to find the majority of our caches in good condition after winter and almost 100 finds since we put them out. Now they should be good for another 100 finds… hopefully.

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1 Response to Wall Hall Maintenance

  1. Muddy mum says:

    I’ve got a few made up ready, know where they are going just need to bother to get out there and hide them – the online admin bit is putting me off! 😉


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