Interrogating a Button Mushroom

It has, unfortunately, been a bit of a slow time recently for us when it comes to actually getting out there and finding caches, although there are a couple of blog entries in the pipeline about more recent outings to look forward too. It is fantastic, therefore to be able to enjoy the blogs of fellow geocachers and a perfect oppotunity to dig out the thumb screws for another Interrogation. You might think that my temporary dry spell in caching has pushed me over the edge into madness as it would appear that I am now posing the questions to fungi, but you would be wrong.

Cheryl, who caches as Thebuttonmushroom, only became interested in all things fungi after selecting her name. Originally from Swansea, Wales she now resides in Hampshire with her husband who “puts up” with her geocaching obsession. Her blog is a veritable treasure trove of caching adventures and her profile is a staggering list of achievements racked up in the time since she started caching in 2009. Check out how Cheryl faired under interrogation.

To quickly find all the posts listing the other bloggers that have taken my challenge use this tag search – Articles tagged with Washknight Interrogates.

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