We’ve got fleaz!

There, I’ve admitted it. And as strange as it sounds, I have a good feeling about it. Now stop scratching and pay attention while I explain. GeoFleaz formerly known as TravelFleas are tiny metal tags that are engraved with your caching name. The concept is that you attach them to Travel Bugs that you come into contact with so that they can travel around with the trackable item. Much like the real world nasty, GeoFleaz are simply parasites, living and travelling on the back of larger beings. The GeoFleaz themselves aren’t trackable and once released, the owner never really knows what happens to them, but they are just one more way that geocachers can personalise their caching experience, like calling cards or signature swaps.

To be honest, they probably aren’t something I would shell out actual money for, but as it turns out we didn’t have to. I entered a competition on The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast a few months ago and was lucky enough to win a pack of 12 personalised GeoFleaz. Yay!

In a moment of true generosity and Father son love, I arranged for the GeoFleaz to be engraved with Sam’s caching name, MiniKnight. I didn’t tell him at the time of ordering, but instead when they actually arrived in the post to much surprise and smiles. So now we are infected with a dozen tiny travellers that we are itching to find some TBs for them to hitch along with.

MiniKnight has Fleaz

MiniKnight has Fleaz

So there you go, and if you are still itching then it is nothing to do with me! Stop scratching!

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4 Responses to We’ve got fleaz!

  1. Muddy mum says:

    That’s cool! Never seen or heard of these.
    I think my sheep needs fleas – and there’s a sentence I thought I’d never say! πŸ˜‚


  2. How cool have not heard of them, will keep an eye out, no wcratch that will look out fir them

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  3. TheRobbInn says:

    Thanks for reminding me about these; I’ve just ordered some.

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