One Lovely Blog Award

one-lovely-blogThank you to Robbinn Geocaching for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. A quick search of the internet reveals the “award” for what it is, which is a good way for people to get to know their fellow bloggers and to spread the word about their own blogs. I appreciate being in the thoughts of anyone else out there and as such will grace you with 7 random facts about myself.

1. I am blind. Although to be fair you should probably already know this. But you might not know that I was fully sighted until my mid 20s and would give my right arm to be able to drive again. Well maybe not my arm, but some other part of me that I don’t need so much.

2 I have a total of 12 siblings and 1st cousins, all of them born in this country. Exactly half of them now live abroad in places like Israel, Ireland, Thailand, Japan and America

3. In the late 70s I once appeared on Songs of Praise singing with a group of other kids from my Sunday school. I stopped going to church shortly after that.

4. I can fall asleep in pretty much any chair, sofa, bed, bench in a matter of minutes. You might see this as a blessing but it is also a curse. I am unable to read in bed, something that I used to love doing when I was a kid. If I try now and bear in mind I listen to audiobooks, I keep having to rewind the book the next day to find the bit I fell asleep at, invariably just a couple of minutes after I started.

5. In our house, I do all the washing but none of the cooking.

6. I own a guitar but cannot play it, though wish I could.

7. I consider myself to be almost a wannabe author. As to whether I will ever be a published author, that remains to be seen.

I would like to nominate the following people to “receive” the award… if they want to.
The muminator
Geo-mumma Kel
Blind Girl in the Big City

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4 Responses to One Lovely Blog Award

  1. xloz68x says:

    Well deserved and its a fab way, ive been nominated a few times for leibster ? Award, think its same thing.
    Im partially sighted and walk with cane and id gladly give some part away to drive again, also miss an actual book, I’m same with the daisy player lol so don’t use that at night pain in the bum rewinding it isn’t it

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  2. washknight says:

    I have a few. Mostly comedy and geocaching. BBC Friday night Comedy, The Bugle, The Angelos and Barry Show, The worst iead of all time, Answer me this, uk geocaching opodcast, oh beep! geocaching, podcache podcast, reply all


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