Mapping our walks

I have started trying out a new app on my iPhone. Not specifically for geocaching but to keep track of how far we walk. The app is called Map My Walk and I am sure you may have heard of it already. The principle is simple… you turn it on when you start walking and the app uses the GPS in your phone to keep track of everywhere you go, then at the end it can show you a map and tell you exactly how far you travelled and post it to twitface or whatever social media fix you prefer. I’m not interested in sharing my walks with the rest of the internet but I am interested to see exactly how far we walk.

Quite often when you do a series it might mention that the walk is 3.5 miles long and should take 1-2 hours or something similar. This is fine if you walk at the generally accepted average pace and stay true to the route. The reality, when geocaching, is far from the truth. We walk at all sorts of different speeds depending on tiredness, moods and cache races so the time is only ever a general guide. As for sticking to the route, well we do generally do this but we also spend a lot of time walking in ever decreasing circles around a tree, or zig zagging back and forth across the same piece of field looking for tupperware. My theory is therefore that we actually walk a lot further than we think we do. By using this app we will be able to find out for sure.

a screen shot from the mapmywalk app shows an outline of the route that we walked through the chilterns. At the bottom of the screen it displays the distance walked to be 13.65 kilometres and the time taken to be 5 hours 6 minutes.
Our first test on Sunday when we did a section of the Chiltern hundred which I estimated to be about 7km in distance actually turned out to be around 13.5km! That’s over 8miles in old money! I was utterly astonished by this. It is early days and I have resolved to use the app regularly when we go out to get a more accurate picture of how far we walk.

Watch this space…

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2 Responses to Mapping our walks

  1. TheRobbInn says:

    I’ve just downloaded the app. Thanks for the info. I always want to have an idea of how far we’ve walked. Seems nothing like the mentioned 4 or 5 miles. It will be interesting to see.


    • washknight says:

      Sharlene was saying that it is almost possible to see where all the caches are on our walk as there is generally a little squiggle in the line where we hunt around for a bit.


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