An EVENTful evening

On Wednesday we attended a local geocaching event BBH 91 – Bordering on a Road Trip (GC5XGZJ). The Beds, Bucks & Herts Facebook group has an event every month but most of the time we aren’t able to go. This is mainly because the original premise of the events was that they would always be held roughly mid-month, mid-week in the evenings. 9 times out of 10 they are always on a school night and we haven’t quite got to the stage of leaving Sam at home while we bugger off to the pub for a couple of hours….yet.

Every so often one of the events falls in the school holidays and when this happens we make an effort to go. This month’s was on the day after school broke up and even better it was only a short drive away in Belsize… perfect. It was run by gigglesandlouby+1 who you might recall are the CO on the series in Whippendell woods that we recently did with our friends Smokeypugs – see Scouting about – A PugWash Adventure.

The event was really well attended with about 30 or so people there at some point or another. The weather was good so we spent the evening in the beer garden chatting to caching friends, old and new. It is always good to meet people who you have messaged either through Facebook or via their profiles on and I added a couple of new voices to names this time.

The event hosts even went to the trouble of putting on a game involving some fantastic wooden horses that they had made. Whilst people were initially shy at getting involved, soon the competitiveness sides came out and the gloves were off.

Racing Horses - Sam, Shar and myself can be seen lurking in the background

Racing Horses – Sam, Shar and myself can be seen lurking in the background

Sam, Shar and I really enjoyed ourselves at the event and as the cherry on the cake it qualified us for the groundspeak 2015 road trip event souvenir.
A "Shiny" for the collection

A “Shiny” for the collection

We have a couple of other events that we hope to attend this year. There is one in September that is just before the schools go back and Sam is hoping to attend one in Norfolk when he visits with my mum in August. But the next one on the calendar for us is the UK MEGA event(GC53P8F) which is being held in Essex this year and we will be popping along for the day on Saturday 1st August. What about you dear reader… do you attend events?

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4 Responses to An EVENTful evening

  1. As you know (but your readers probably don’t) I go to most of the BBH events, it’s great to meet up with what, as far as I can tell, is the friendliest bunch of local cachers in the 3 counties. I think we are very open and welcoming to first timers (a nice couple who came to “my” event in June came back for more to #91 so we must be doing OK). I’ve been to a couple of Megas but I don’t think I’ll be able to get to this year’s. Have fun!

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  2. Muddy mum says:

    I went to an event today. They aren’t really my cup of tea though. The thought of a mega and all those people doing all those caches brings me out in a cold sweat. I can absolutely see the appeal for others, just not for me. I’m an odd one though… 😛


    • washknight says:

      The MEGAs are a very different sort of caching and to be honest it is not the caching that attracts me. I am interested to check out the special lab caches and the atmosphere of it all. One a year is plenty enough MEGA.

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