Chipperfield Rebooted

Each month the local Facebook group for geocachers in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire holds an event, usually at a pub somewhere closes to where the boundaries of the three counties meet. Quite often this means that the events are a little too far to travel to, especially as they are normally in the evening on weekdays. In Back in July the planets aligned and we managed to get to one of these events in nearby Belsize. Imagine our surprise and delight therefore to discover that our friends Geoff and Melissa, a.k.a. Smokeypugs were hosting the September event and it was once more close by in Chipperfield. Even better was that it was a couple days before school started up again.

They had created the event on the 2nd of September as this was the end date for the 2015 Road Trip challenge and one of the achievements was to attend an event. We already had our event souvenir but that wasn’t going to stop us going along for a pint of London Pride and a couple of hours of caching chat with the local crowd.

The Boot Tavern in Chipperfield is a lovely pub but after being there for about 20 minutes it became obvious that our little gathering was rapidly outgrowing the available space. It was crammed to the rafters with people all chatting about caching… amongst other things. We are slowly getting to know some of the local cachers and so we are now lucky enough to have at least a couple of people to chat to when we go to these things. It is quite difficult to attend events when you don’t know anyone but thankfully now we are recognized by a handful of cachers. I think I am quite memorable standing at the bar with my white cane and a pint.

It was a good event, if a little cramped and we got to meet a few new people as well, some of whom I knew by their caching names. A good tip for having an “in” at events is to be a cache owner as quite often when people know your caching name they may well realise they have attempted some of your caches and this gives you something to talk about right off the bat. This was the case with Nee Nee otherwise known as Tony who I met that night. We are both cache owners and have both attempted each other’s hides. Tony is renowned for his staggeringly tricky puzzle caches and so I had to try very hard to resist giving him a slap for all the frustrating hours I had spent in front of the computer attempting to solve his cryptic clues.

Shar, Sam and I had a good time at the event and are grateful for Geoff and Melissa for hosting it. As a result of attending, I have renewed my attempts to solve nee nee’s puzzles and in the couple of weeks that have passed since, I have succeeded in putting most of them in the solved pile, although a certain amount of “nudging” was needed from Tony to get through a couple of them.

Not sure when we will be able to attend another BBH event as it is more than likely that they will be heading further north for the next few months, but here’s hoping that one will be our way in the not too distant future.

The Bordering on the End of a Road Trip event took place on September 2nd and took our cache count to 1274.

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