MiniKnight’s Moving Cache

You may well be aware of those elusive travelling geocaches. You know the ones… you know… the ones you get a sniff of on social media or get a tip off about from fellow geocachers, but never actually manage to get your hands on. Well, I did get my hands on one once, but that is another story – see The Cache With Ants In Its Pants. Oh, and that moving cache then got “re-deployed” back to the states by the CO, which pissed off loads of people so it then got archived… but that’s yet another story. This story is how my son, Sam, a.k.a. MiniKnight, inadvertently created his own temporary moving cache.

A few days ago I mentioned to him that there was a magnetic nano cache next to the library in Watford. He remarked that this was where he caught the bus to go to school and I nodded and smiled. He said he might try and find it the next day… and so he did. He arrived at the bus stop in good time and pulling out his iPhone discovered that he was just 3 metres from the cache. In a couple of seconds he had spotted the container and plucked it free. As he was standing with the unfurled log in his hand, about to sign, his bus pulled up. Panic set in and knowing he couldn’t miss his bus, he did the only thing he could think of… he put the cache and log in his pocket and went to school!

And so it was that Roald Dahl #4 Matilda (GC5PEBZ) became a moving cache for a day. It travelled through the streets of Watford on a double decker bus and then got a good education before returning home again to nestle snuggly to the back of its drain pipe on the side of the library.

If you happened, by some remote chance, to be out searching for that cache last Friday and couldn’t find it… sorry about that 🙂

Have you ever left a GZ with more than you bargained for?

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7 Responses to MiniKnight’s Moving Cache

  1. We happened upon a traveling cache when we were at the Block Party and then again the next day at the Ape Cache event. Brogans Caching Karma Stick GC7572 found by myself (paisleykmt) and the BF (type2bill) on 8/15/15. It was most excellent!

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  2. Muddy mum says:

    I tried to find a cache a few weeks ago but it was out of situ with another cacher. 😤
    Since then said cacher has found one of my newly replaced (adopted) caches and it’s now missing, oh and has moved a friend’s cache to a whole new hiding place. I doubt we’ll ever be friends! 😜


  3. Kel says:

    Haha, I love it!
    I had that happen to me – went to find a cache only to find a “write note” on it explaining it was currently deep in the cavity below the park break in another cachers car!


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