3rd Christmas Lucky

Since we started caching in 2013 I was aware that if we ever wanted to complete our caching calendar, where you find a cache on each date of the year, then we would have to go out on Christmas day. Well this was our third Christmas after starting caching and still we hadn’t managed it. We had planned to go out last year, had even saved a cache just 70 metres from our house especially for the purpose, but somehow I wasn’t able to drag myself that ridiculously short distance.

This year I was determined. The same cache still remained unfound and so after lunch, a lovely Lamb Roast, I risked life and limb by dragging Sam from his new xBox One to take me across the road. After I had weathered the whining and moaning from him, we headed out in the rain to make the find. Spectacular it was not, it was just a magnetic on the back of a telecoms box, but it was a tricky day ticked off the Calendar and Sam got to use one of his new pens that will write on anything in any condition – rain, snow, hail or plague of frogs.

Oh, and Santa was very nice to me and brought me 5 lovely screw top cache containers and a fake rock cache too. Not to mention a teapot and cool tea cosy. Christmas cuppa anyone?
Sheep Cosy

Merry Christmas

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7 Responses to 3rd Christmas Lucky

  1. Meri Kirihimeti from Aoteroa to you, your family and all your blog readers. Love the tea cosy.

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  2. Muddy mum says:

    Happy Christmas! Well done on dragging the mini cacher out – that really was an achievement! 😉 I got mine done too. A kind, local cacher knew I was desperate so placed one a very short distance from me a few weeks ago. (Watching the ftf go was so tough!)
    Boxing Day is Xmas day take 2 for us so another one to really drag myself out for. Luckily a new cache was placed a couple of days ago within my 5 mile radius – otherwise it would have been a real pain. Let’s hope I can find it!

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  3. momn3boys says:

    Congrats on your Christmas Day find! All the best to your and your family, and may you have MANY smileys in 2016!

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  4. TheRobbInn says:

    Well done on finding a cache on Christmas Day. I haven’t managed to get out yet this holiday but perhaps in the next day or two. Happy Christmas to you all.

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