Showcasing The GeoBlogosphere #4

Finally, in December, we got out and did some caching again which was a relief as I was beginning to forget how it all worked! Meanwhile, elsewhere on the big world wide inter web blog universe thingy, others were having exciting geocaching adventures too. Here’s a selection of some of the blog articles that caught my eye in December. Remember there is a full list of geocaching blogs on the handily named Geocaching Blogs section of my site. Enjoy and see you in 2016!

The Sandhurst Geocachers have a brush with the law
Mrs HG137 recounts the funny tale of a recent London caching day during which they manage to convince the police to assist them with there investigations.

Getting “Arty” with MZBizkitz
Following up on a previous post about the elaborate concept of Geo ART, check out this article on MZ Adventures detailing some more truly amazing cache placement.

Silver coin achievment for PaisleyKMT
K and G visit more than 50 state parks in Washington during 2015 and claim their silver geocoin.

On the trail around Pendon
Geo T hosts an excllent site that can be used to display all the geocache trails near you in the UK. All the trails he personally visits he then blogs about and just before Christmas he was in Pendon in Hampshire.

On the Pacific Coast Trail with Old Dweeb
Old Dweeb, a long time cacher and blogger heads out on a winter’s solo hike in Acton along part of the Pacific Coast Trail.

Confusing Geography on the grid
Mrbream rounds up his caching efforts in December, where he finds korea to be very close to both France and New York, as part of his ongoing quest to complete his caching calendar

That’s it for this month, and indeed this year, but don’t forget to check out my full list of Geocaching Blogs, and I will see you in 2016.

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