The First Annual (hopefully) UK Geocaching Awards

It’s gonna be like the Oscars but hopefully with more integrity and a lot more fun. The hosts of the Geolympix 2016 Mega which is going to be held not to far from us are holding the first, but hopefully not last, UK Geocaching Awards. And what’s more, we get to decide who wins the coverted “Golden Smilies”. This could be a whole lot of fun I think and I have been keenly awaiting the announcement of the award categories for some time now. It all looks very extensive although I was slightly dismayed to find that bloggers get lumped in with every other form of social media including vloggers and FB groups. This sucks as There are so many cool UK geocaching blogs that I think they deserve their own award and not just an “catch all” category.

I better get my thinking cap on though as there are a lot of categories. If you are intested in knowing more and taking part then head over to the Geolympix web site or check out the Geocaching Awards Facebook group where full details can be found. (Note at time of writing this, the latter was more up to date than the former)

And here are the award categories…
1) Best Cache (must have been live at the end 2015.
2) Best New Cache (as above, but published in 2015.)
3) Best Cache Listing (most beautiful, clever, funny, helpful or educational cache page.)
4) Best Night Cache (specifically designed to be done at night.)
5) Best Non-Physical Cache (includes Virtuals, Webcams and Earthcaches, excludes Events)
6) Best Event (includes all British and Irish Megas, CITOs & regular events – inc flashmobs)
7) The Gone But Not Forgotten Award for Best Archived Cache (can only be won by a cache once. Must have been archived in 2015 or before.)
8) Most Extreme Cache (can only be won by a cache once)

Cache Series:
9) Best Individual Series (could be ring/s, power trail, cluster or just a collection of caches on a theme, owned by one cacher or caching account or a small number in a ‘geographically discrete series’ such as a multi-owner ring.)
10) Best National Series (themed caches – often numbered – set by multiple hiders across a wide –national- area.)

11) Most Helpful Landowner/Organisation (who’s been a great support to British and Irish caching?)
12) Most Helpful Reviewer (They give a lot of time and effort to make caching in Britain and Ireland possible, but who’s gone above and beyond the call of duty?)
13) Best Supplier of Caching Goods (must be based in Britain or Ireland)
14) Best Caching Social-Mediaist (includes British/Irish geocaching blogs, vlogs, podcasts, twitter accounts, YouTube channels, Facebook groups/pages)
15) Best Caching Resource (could be international, includes stats websites, books, magazines, hints ‘n’ tips sites, vlogs, podcasts etc)

16) Best Online Cache Log (funniest, most inspiring, or pack of lies. DNF, Found, Notes- all log types included)
17) Best Log Photo (must relate to the cache it’s added to. Includes Webcam log pics.)
18) Funniest Cache Name (can only be won by a cache once)
19) Most Memorable Trackable (owned by a British or Irish cacher. Can be memorable for being an interesting item, having a cool mission, etc etc.)
20) Best New Coin (released in 2015)

21) Geocacher/s of the Year (could be the most dedicated cache owner, keenest cache maintainer, most inspiring or creative cache owner, most helpful event host, most committed -or should be- cacher who went the extra mile and more… Basically this could be called ‘Services to Geocaching’)
22) Newbie of the Year (must have begun caching in 2015)
23) Young Cacher of the Year (Junior cacher who’s added something to the game. Must have been under 18 at some point in 2015. So born after 1/1/1998)
24) Achievement Award (either a Lifetime Achievement award, or for someone who’s Overcome Adversity in the pursuit of Tupperware. Basically, an impressive, inspirational cacher.)

We are planning to attend the awards ceremony at the event, I think it could be quite a giggle.

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12 Responses to The First Annual (hopefully) UK Geocaching Awards

  1. hg137 says:

    Thanks for alerting us to these awards. We’d totally forgotten about them. Lots of good categories – a couple though that might only have a few entries…I’d imagine there could be thousands for ‘best cache’ ! Could be very long awards ceremony!

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  2. Robb-inn says:

    Sounds interesting. We will look forward to reading your ‘coverage’ of the event.

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  3. Kel says:

    Wow, sounds fun. And thorough. A lot of interesting categories I would not have thought of, but are really great to highlight as part of the geo-world 🙂

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  4. They missed one: Award for the best coverage of the Awards ceremony. 🙂

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  5. Clare says:

    I’m curious to how it’s all going to play out. An adventurous undertaking for sure.

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    • washknight says:

      Yeah, it is either gonna be a complete success or an utter cluster f**k. I hope the former. It is really dependent on lot sand lots of people nominating and voting though otherwise it will be a farce.


      • Clare says:

        It’s not a task I would fancy undertaking. Lots of people voting for many different things, the chances of majority will of course be very slim – except I think in the media category, where the popular podcasts will reign supreme I expect. (Never listened to one personally).
        Then of course in areas of, for want of a better word, proactive voters I should imagine some tactical nominations will take place.

        Obviously I wish them well with such an enormous task however.


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